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START HERE: Getting Started Making Visors

Updated to reflect handover of logistics to Awyr Lâs - BCUHB’s charity arm. The visor designs Awyr Lâs/BCUHB can currently accept for redistribution are: The 3D Printed Prusa RC3 in PETG (preferred) or PLA (if no PETG…

4 July 15, 2020
ANNOUNCEMENT: Pause The Printing!

Pause the Printing! Makers, enthusiasts, colleges, schools, universities, organisations and businesses of North Wales: you’ve been amazing with the visor movement over the last two months. We’re now asking you to pause…

4 October 5, 2020
Visor Production (Only Approved Designs Can Be Used!)

This thread is for discussing Visor production. If you are just getting started please follow the instructions over in this topic:

279 May 18, 2020
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