0.6mm PET cut sheets available for visor production

I wondered if someone in the community may be able to help/advise me. I have c13,000 0.6mm cut sheets of PET size 354mm x 278mm that I cannot use myself due to schools being closed to visitors probably until middle of 2021 and I was advised they might be suitable for use in visor production.

Please note I am not a commercial plastics supplier - I normally run a free art project and exhibition service for primary schools and we normally frame about 10,000 children’s pictures a year (we use the PET as safety glazing) - but we have not been been able to operate since March and as i am 68 and do not anticipate being able to resume for several months have decided to retire. If they are suitable for use by someone I would prefer they were used for a good purpose rather than have to sell them for recycling

I hope this post isn’t inappropriate but am struggling to identify whether these sheets are of use to anyone. Thank you for your time

Did you get any takers for the sheets?

ppehwb in Wrexham might still be making face visors if the sheets still need a home.

Pete, many thanks for this - yes they are still available - would you have any contact details for PPEHWB? If they are a ltd co I can find them on companies house
Your help is very much appreciated
Kind regards
Paul Giles