A few freebies for tinkerers

All free to good (or bad) home

1. 8GB of Server RAM
4x1GB sticks & 2x2GB sticks. They have come out of 2006/7 Mac Pros, but are also compatible with servers/workstations of a similar era.

2. Aurora Solar inverter.
This has the common E031 error which is basically a blown relay/busted solder joint. Plenty have fixed theirs, but we replaced. More info here:

(the motherboard on mine is in much better condition than the one in the blog above).

3. Wanhao Duplicator 4 3D printer
This was working OK (but slightly stringy prints) about 18 months ago when I last used it. I got it for free because the acrylic case was trashed in the post. I superglued most of it back together, but it ain’t exactly pretty. I always meant to laser cut a new one…

Collection from Tregarth (could probably bring the RAM to Bangor…)