Amateur Radio Foundation Licence Training

Hello all,

At least two of those who attended the North wales Tech event last night hold an amateur radio licence. They are a useful tool to learn some RF basics and allow you to experiment with a wide range of operating techniques including satellite communications, digital modes, television and much more. Some of which are transferable into LoRaWAN and other applications involving RF.

Perhaps we could collect together a station with the ability to work through satellites as a collaboration between Dragon ARC and North Wales Tech? Or even a moon bounce station?

Other members of Dragon Amateur Radio Club and I would be willing to arrange a training course, assess the simple practical elements and arrange exams for North Wales Tech if there was interest to do so.

It could run as a Saturday training day, then on the Sunday or following weekend, assessment of remaining practical’s and exam.

If there is any interest, do let me know. It would be useful to know which level you are interested in initially (the order of study is Foundation -> Intermediate -> Full):

  • Foundation License
  • Intermediate License
  • Full License

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MW0NWM Secretary, Dragon Amateur Radio Club.

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Fantastic Simon!

In general, it would be great to maintain a great relationship between Dragon Amateur Radio Club and North Wales Tech where these skills and opportunities for learning and building can intermingle.

Personally speaking, this sounds great - I did try and pursue my Foundation level this summer but couldn’t find the time to get to a good venue. Doing it alongside other NWT members is a great idea!

In the audience on Weds there are a few license holders at various levels who I’m sure can be cajoled into helping out to make some foundation level training fun and interesting. In addition there are some other members who would probably like the opportunity to attend some events alongside NWT to do some intermediate training too. (John Cassidy, M7DXO, the main protagonist of the long-range mesh alongside David @mountainpenguin fast-tracked his Foundation this summer with an ARC on the wirral, i’m certain he’ll be keen )

There’s plenty of public evidence to support my claims :slight_smile:

Aside the licensing, training etc, I think there is enough scope to hold some more joint events as there will be people like me who will be extremely interested in further learning on topics like modes for transmitting data, experimenting with SDRs a bit more, Moon bounce (Ace!) and of course building and testing some antennas will be a great practical session.

  1. I’ll find a way of doing a “show of hands” to judge interest in pursuing foundation license.
  2. We should put some RF dates in the calendar to make sure we’ve got some radcomms themed evenings



Joint events is definitely they way to go with these kinds of interactions. We’re doing something similar in the planning for follow-on events after the Cyber Wales CTF event.

In terms of tracking interest I’d suggest pulling people into this thread (rather than Twitter or Facebook).

I’ve added a Discourse poll to @Simon.MW0NWM 's initial post @robshep which might help gauge interest levels for the various types of license.


I am deffo interested, it would be great to connect the WARS guys as they are my local club and would love a repeater or some SSTV records :wink:

Twitter is faster Carwyn and we all have so many things we connect to, would it be easier to pull in a twitter API?

We should have our permanent MESH BR and nodes up high in Liverpool next week :wink:


Twitter is lossy, messy and many NWT members aren’t on it. Lets stick with this thread as we need to get this organized.

Hi Rob,

All sounds very promising. First of all it would be good to find a date for an antenna building / antenna modelling practical in the new year.

It will be interesting to see how the Poll set up by Carwyn goes, I am sure there will be a little interest. Interestingly we can run a course wherever we like, however a venue has to be registered with the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) in order to be able to hold exams. Dragon ARC are able to use the hall where we have our regular meetings in LLanfairPG, but I am looking for a venue with reliable wifi so that we could possibly join the 21st Century and be able to offer online examinations… Of course the cost of hiring such a venue is an issue, however I am open to suggestions.


Thanks Carwyn for setting up the POLL.
A suggestion I have is to set up an RF activity day somewhere for Dragon / NWT and anyone else interested. A day to showcase the use of RF, a demo of LoRaWAN, amateur radio, a balloon launch and tracking, plus whatever else we can think of.

Might be fun towards the end of your YoIoT.


Hi John, which club is WARS?


I wouldn’t like to see North Wales Tech replacing the activities of a similar local group, but I would like to think there are techies who want to learn more RF and pursue a license or two (E.g. me) abut similarly there are hopefully some Hams that are interesting in joining us to look at some of the computer and IoT-related aspects of radio tech; lets join forces. To that end, because North Wales Tech is undoubtedly not-for-profit, and open to all, we have never struggled to find venues to accommodate us for evening sessions. I’m sure we can find venues to suit. :wink:

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Sounds good to me. Similarly Dragon ARC are a not for profit group, which is why we have always offered free training, the only charge being for the course handbook and exam fee which are dictated by the RSGB.

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Thanks for the poll @carwyn . You beat me to it :slight_smile:


As a final comment from me for now, I am beginning the process of applying for funding for Dragon ARC to purchase equipment to enable us to work satellites and possibly EME. This project will take a while, but I see no reason why it will not be successful.

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When it comes to venues, logistics and funding lets have a chat … I have a knack for this bit :slight_smile:


A tech-talk at some point (even before you’ve got the funding) on these things will really whet the appetite of our crowd to look at amateur radio. we certainly have space-themed events :slight_smile:

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Hi Simon, it’s G3NWR. Bill Davies is the Secretary and all round good egg. de 73

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Well said Rob, couldn’t agree more with this. Something I’ve been quite keen on since we started NWT 4 years ago is to collaborate and not duplicate. We’re here to support other groups and even help create them, not to compete. I often mention and point people in the direction of Dragon ARC. I definitely think the best place to get involved with Radio is your local HAM Radio club.

What NWT can help with is widening audiences, bringing people of different backgrounds and skills together which always leads to interesting things, and generally banging the drum about all the cool stuff that’s going on in the area.

The only thing we are grateful for in return is for groups to return the favour and let us know when you’re doing interesting things and invite the wider community along to join in (when you can) :slight_smile:

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