ANNOUNCEMENT: Pause The Printing!

Pause the Printing!

Makers, enthusiasts, colleges, schools, universities, organisations and businesses of North Wales: you’ve been amazing with the visor movement over the last two months.

We’re now asking you to pause printing!

The Health Board are reporting that they currently have ample stock of visors and we’ve seen a significant drop in demand for them from front line, key workers. We currently hold around 1000 visors in stock at M-SParc in case there’s a second wave and a sudden PPE shortage.

We will accept any prints that you have at the moment in the usual way and prepare them for issue but for now – stand down. You’ve earned a rest, that’s for sure, and thank you again. Feedback from end users notes you’ve really, genuinely, changed lives and helped protect people from COVID19

Oh and the total processed and delivered through M-SParc alone … 8286!