Delivery Logistics and Health and Safety

PLEASE all who are printing, wear masks,gloves and wash hands. Lets make sure that everything is perfect and clean,

Talking with Dr Simon Burnell he advises that PETG can be cleaned in bleach.
"PETG for ease of sanitation - IPA, Hydrogen Peroxide, Bleach, and Acetic Acid up to 10% can all be safely used with PETG."PLA - wash and clean water and soap.

It’s worth noting the comments on the Maker Nexus Wiki in relation to this:

Please be sure you are following proper sanitation procedures when you bag parts - if possible, wear gloves and a breathing mask, wipe or spray with disinfectant if available. We want to minimize the chance of cross-contamination. After it reaches MN, we will be further disinfecting them before delivering to its end destination.

I suspect this multi-phase cleaning will be required with a final clean at BCUHB.

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In the absence of a single production environment and any verification by looking at bacterial counts of samples, I agree that we need to be as clean as poss followed by possibly a swill in dilute bleach then a rinse. I guess that would be best as a batched process to standardise the clean. They don’t need to be sterile though.

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So a sensible approach when baggins is to put the following on your bag:
Name and contact details e.g. phone number
Date of manufacture

With this as a minimum you can find out of any problems and, if you later find out you were infected your contributions can be isolated.

Those thinking about logistics and cleaning should have a look through the DoES Repo issues list:

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After discussion with @swiftarf here’s the plan re Delivery.
Please do let me know if you can see issues with this plan - it needs to be perfect.

Drop off/Pickup>Disinfecting>Delivery
Thank you to everyone who’s been printing visors – they will make a difference.

Dr Brunel has agreement that Ysbyty Gwynedd will take them; excellent news.

We now need to get them safely to the people who need them.

Although the initial plan it to deliver to Ysbyty Gwynedd this is likely to change over the coming days, we are awaiting direction from the Health Board.

This process needs to be coordinated, we do not want everyone delivering them to local hospitals for obvious reasons.

Make sure that your work area is clean, wear gloves and masks.
If you can please decontaminate your prints before pickup/drop off.
PETG for ease of sanitation - IPA, Hydrogen Peroxide, Bleach, and Acetic Acid up to 10% can all be safely used with PETG.
PLA - wash and clean water and soap.

We will also decontaminate in M-SParc and leave for 3 days before delivery.
We will then distribute to the Hospital 3 days from the date on the package.

Please provide details with your drop off as follows:

  • Material of print:
  • Date of print :
  • Qty :
  • Your Name :
  • Organisation (if applicable) :

Delivery - Drop Off/Pickups
There’s two options for you.

  1. Drop the clean prints off in M-SParc, Gaerwen, LL606AG. The large workshop doors at the rear of the building will be left open between 9am and 16:00 all week to accept deliveries. A clear area for them to be left will be marked out for you. Leave them there, try not to touch anything and walk out. Please let us know if this is what you’ll be doing
  2. Pickup; If you can’t get to Gaerwen then we’ll arrange pickup for you. Please send us your contact details, any special instructions for pickup and your pickup address :

Additional drop off points; once we get a better understanding of where everyone is and who’s unable to drop off in M-SParc we’ll work with partners such as Group Llandrillo Menai / University to establish additional drop off points.

For information, production is now underway in the Group Llandrillo Menai, Bangor University, High Schools across Gwynedd and some in Anglesey, private companies, makers, enthusiasts and many more…

“Thoughts from DoES Liverpool on Decontamination:
1.- Cleaning of the material, with soap and water
2 – PETG Disinfection with the bleach mixture at 30ml per litre of water.
3 - From this point on, you should avoid touching the pieces with your hands. Ideally, you should wear gloves, but if you don’t have them, you can use another garbage bag and that your hands are in contact with the outside and the pieces with the inside.
4 - Dry the pieces so that there are no traces of moisture, actively using kitchen paper or air outside. Inside it is not advisable since the particles that we expel when speaking can be deposited and the previous disinfection work would not do any good.
5 - Put the materials in a bag using gloves (do not touch the parts or the bag with your hands) and close the bag. If you do not have hermetic ZIP-type bags, you can use garbage bags.
6 - Put the bags with pieces in a second bag using gloves. Once closed, that second bag will not be considered clean and disinfected in transport.
7 - Somehow mark the number of pieces that go into the bag, with a marker.
8 – Provide a source for the print (your name, organisation), and a date.
We understand that all the indicated requirements may not be available, but please try to carry out this process in the best possible way (without sneezing over the pieces before putting them in the bag, etc.) IMPORTANT! The solution is ONLY effective for 24 hours.”

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The central Covid-19 Slack group have published their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) we should try and align with this as much as possible:

See this message in their Slack for more information:

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@andygoodman has made a v good start on a document. Can you post a link here please Andy? How far off is it from that document? Are we missing a trick?

PPE | Visor - Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

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I’ve split off the more in-depth regulatory approval elements into a separate topic. This stuff is really important but I suspect it’s only a subset of us that will be involved in that level of conversation.

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The national Covid PPE scheme has a contributor form that everyone has to fill in:

To go with their SOP:

They have also secured a deal with DPD:

We’ve got some help from the generous folks over at DPD, meaning you will be able to send prints to our central fulfilment centre in Sheffield for free!


COVID19 | PPE | Visor - Standard Operating Procedures (v0.3 / 31.03.20)

This latest version includes:

  • Instructions for collecting filament from MSPARC.
  • Where to send contact details if you need Visors.
  • The procedure for Disinfection and Assembly, carried out in MSPARC by the assembly team.
  • Minor clarifications.
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3D Crowd UK have updated their Standard Operating Procecures (SOP)

From what I can gather the changes relate to:

What you need to know…

This doesn’t relate to us directly at the moment unless we decide to join forces with the national effort. There is a Wales group within 3DCrowd UK who I’ve been speaking to to keep this option open.

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I was glad i found that guy from 3d crowd uk. hes totally on it fair play

Given the merger with Awyr Las do we need to register with them individually? Or do we continue with drop off at M-SPark as before and as your registered? @carwyn

You should register with Awyr Lâs too but M-SParc will remain one of the two distribution hubs I believe. Any visors that make it there in the interim will still be distributed to someone that needs it.

Awyr Lâs will be coming online to run the logistics next week.

There are drop off points now to make it easier for people to get the prints out there. More will be added.