Devices, Useful links for devices that work well and you might want to buy

Links for useful devices that make are tried and tested

Wifi controlled mains switches
recommend firmware:

Think this is the node we’ll be building:

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there is also the TTGO T Beam thats quite cheap example purchase.
This has a built in GPS and can do a couple of tricks.

For TTN mapping there is example code on github. I converted one branch into a platformio project here.

The big benefit of using platformio is that its got a proper make system and dependency tool as part of the toolchain. In the example in my github you need to edit the config.h, plug the device in and run the command pio run -t upload and your good to go.

Came across the M2M-IOT GW-01 Gateway for $120.00 that works with the OrangePi Zero H2+

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Check out ESP8266 and ESP32 MCUs. I’m a convert from Arduino. Small form factor, cheap as chips, lots of GPIOs (though the 8266 only has one analogue) and you can code then from the Arduino IDE. Both have built in Wi-fi and the ESP 32 has BT/BLE too.
There are bags of libraries for them including wi-fi managers with built in AP/STA modes with web config and you can also flash them with tasmota/EspEasy and other firmwares for a more code-free implementation. They also have a primitive WiFi mesh capability which means that if using e.g espEasy you can present sensors attached to one device appear on another. This is especially useful if using Sonoff devices as they can carry ESPeasy too. Meaning no more Single GPIO limit.

They work well with all standard Arduino Sensors etc. Though they have 3.3v logic level (in the nodemcu form factor) so you may need level shifters or voltage dividers with some.<x>sed-ESP8266-CP2102-Wireless-Module-p-1097112.html?akmClientCountry=GB&rmmds=search

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There are a fair few ESP8266 and ESP32 fans on here, everything from NodeMCU to the Adafruit Feathers and cheap clones :slight_smile: It’s likely that at least one of the Year of IoT sessions will use them too.

Local company also use them in a number of open products.

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Interesting looking device: