Event Proposal - Building an IoT Thing

I’m thinking of putting together a #yoiot event where we can build and program an IoT gadget.

I’m currently thinking of ordering in a bulk set of parts to make a fun security/presence device based on an ESP32 with a little camera, an infra-red detector and hooking in some Bluetooth etc. Also making something available via a built-in webpage.

It’ll be £10-all-in for the parts, the wiring is easy and the session will involve setting up the code to do something fun.
As you’ll take it away, there’ll be plenty of scope tinker more with it and get it connected to OpenHAB, HomeAssistant, NodeRED etc.


  • What number can we support? More if there are some more demonstrators to assist.
  • What numbers might we expect?
  • £10 is about right? I’ll order in bulk as it’s cheaper from china but takes a long time.
  • We could have a side-project making a 3d printed case
  • Who wants to help?

I have 2xkits en-route - I’ll report in here when they’ve arrived and when I’ve got some working code for a few cases.



I think Oct 30th with A Halloween theme or Dec 18th with a Christmas theme may be options here?

I’ve received a couple of units, but they are not a good fit for a workshop like this. Chiefly, they don’t have a USB port with serial convertor and inline PSU, so one needs an FTDI convertor and whilst this pushes the price up by another few ££ it just makes it a faff with jumper wires etc.

I have another one on the way, with a built in PIR and screen in addition to a camera. I’ll report back with what this one is like - they will end up more like £15.