Fixed ip broadband provider

I need to change broadband provider to get a fixed ip address… does anyone have a good recommendation for a reliable ISP in North Wales?

As probably everyone is working from home :mask: - I thought that there might be some good advice in the group regarding reliability in the area.

I’ve done some looking around and found zen internet as being a decent option for the price.

I’ve been with BT for 6 years+ (Fiber2 option) and have started to get outages in connection (using ethernet!?) during zoom/teams calls.

running ping in the background shows drops in connection while on calls - could be a router problem??)*

I’m currently paying BT double :scream: what Zen Internet are asking for per month!!!.. (too good to be true??)

Any advice regarding your experiences with different ISPs would be appreciated - thanks.

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I’ve been with Aquiss ( for a few years now, and I’ve never had any problems


I have been using plusnet for a number of years now, great service and a fixed ip for one time £5 setup fee

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