Help Wanted Creating Training Films

Hello again,

As part of the training team at Dragon Amateur Radio Club, I am conscious that people do not always have the time to attend training courses over a number of days, but could probably take part in a distance learning course over a number of weeks.

I am considering being able to create a number of instructional videos covering the aspects of each licence, which could be issued to anyone taking part in a course on a weekly basis, along with a short paper to test their understanding of each element of the licence structure.

My question is, does anyone have experience of filming such material and also access to decent film cameras so we can produce a professional product.

Any thoughts, or offers of assistance greatly appreciated.


Simon Taylor MW0NWM
Secretary, Dragon Amateur Radio Club

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Dear Simon,

Stefano Here from Uned Technolegau Iaith Bangor Uni, before i did what I do now , I was and still am an instructional designer.

First thing I would say to you is have a look at the resources that are out there at the moment no need to re-invent the wheel and I could certainly help you with the course design and training aspects, maybe use some desktop solution like panopto,Captivate,Storyline to create the online educational resources and you don’t need 4k Camera , HD should suffice for training material .

Happy to meet virtually at some point to discuss further

Here are a few resources I found this morning that you might be able to adapt or use


Also maybe think how you will deliver these to your trainees what sort of LMS would you be using

Kind Regards

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Hello Stefano,

First of all, thank you for your friendly and considered reply. Lots of things to think about here.

The desktop solutions you have mentioned as indeed the term ‘LMS’, I am an RF man and I am afraid IT related stuff is all new to me… happy to learn as I go though!

It was as a result of having seen the Essexham material which prompted this thread in the first place. I would love to have bi lingual material also.


I’ve been having a few conversations with a few over at DoES Liverpool and some other local groups about creating video content. We learned a lot doing the TEDx Holyhead events too, Tudur from Crefft Media did a lot of the work for us on this, he’s also involved in Teli Môn. We’ve had a chat about the possibility of adding some tech content to their programming.

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Hi Simon

No worries with the technical terminology LMS is a learner management system i.e the platform where you would deliver the training.

The simplest suggestion is a wordpress site with the membership functionality installed either via a plugin or natively and then you could WMPL for the bilingual aspect.

If the users are not formally assessed why not just create the videos on youtube and then post them out - anyhow happy to chat further if you wish

Stefano :slight_smile: