IoT Clinic Session Planning

North Wales Tech and Menter Môn via Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig and Arloesi Mon are holding a series of IoT Clinic sessions through the Year of IoT.

The main focus on these will be to help people build on IoT knowledge and ideas and work on projects. Roughly every other one, i.e. about once a month we’ll organise some sort of talk or presentation with a deep-dive on some of the technical details or to explore a particular type of device or equipment. Sometimes we’ll have an external speaker.

What we talk about is up for grabs. Get involved, tell us what you want to know.

At present the list of proposals is in this Google Spreadsheet:

  • Please suggest more event topics, reply here.

  • There will be a dedicated forum topic linked here, and in the spreadsheet to discuss what we should do.

  • When an event is firmed up, hopefully a couple of weeks in advance, a Meetup invite will be made, as usual.

  • RF Voodoo: IoT Clinic - Radio Frequency (RF) Voodoo [proposed]