IoT Connectivity - Comparing NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRa, SigFox, etc

Important to note that there are many other technologies as Paul Foster from Microsoft mentioned that are useful in the IoT space. LoRaWAN is just one of them:

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Here’s one example of when LoRaWAN may not be the best choice. Access to the fine grained timestamps for accurate positioning incurs extra licence costs:

Hello Carwyn,

Have you looked into the possibility of using wireless mesh networks for smaller areas? An example would be which is planned for use in disaster relief efforts.

Just thought it might fit as a more plug and play approach for an end user who might not use tech generally (you can pretty much just expand the covered area as you go).


Yes, been looking at the Thread port to LoRa by Pycom and the Arduino focussed Radiohead mesh libraries. The three peaks challenge idea is looking to create an enormous mesh using something along these lines. The question the s whether any of the mesh implementations are grown up enough yet.

That’s definitely true. I have actually been planning to investigate them myself since I heard about the Owl project. It sounds a fascinating technology, but whether there is the maturity there is something which would take some testing!

Hearing some rumours that SigFox are struggling. Lower deployments than planned and some providers shutting down their SigFox networks. Anyone else any view on this?

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