Late 20's - software development

Hello all,

I’m Steve and new to North Wales Tech.

I’ve been working in outdoor education for the past 10 years and there’s only so long that I can run around the hills with teenagers before my body can’t keep up anymore. I was once enrolled on a Computer Science Degree but ended up leaving and haven’t looked at a computer very much since :sweat_smile:

I’m here to meet people and understand how to get into Software Development.

I’ve been looking into the job market, mostly through Google, and I’m wondering if there’s enough work in the local area. I’m currently based in the Porthmadog area. Could any current developers shed some light on this for me? I thought that this would be the best place to start before I start taking it seriously and begin teaching myself.

Thanks for any help,


Hi Steve, I’m Simon and I’m rather at the other end of the scale to you, i.e. middle aged and been in software development for nearly 20 years. However we only moved to the area 2 years ago (from Wrexham) so I’m still figuring out the opportunities for developers in this area. In my experience it seems that there are very limited opportunities in Gwynedd but those that do exist seem to be around Bangor; the average salary seems to be lower than elsewhere and I think embedded programming seems to be the most sort after skill. However I have managed to secure a 12 month C# .net contract so it’s not impossible to find something. For the future though I’m targeting remote opportunities and the majority of these appear to be requiring cloud computing experience so I’m learning more about Azure (as I’m a Microsoft centric developer) but AWS would be good to know too. Hope my experience (so far) can be of some use to you, happy to help if I can, I’ve been there myself.

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Hi Simon, thanks for the insight into the software development job market. It’s great to know that there’s a market, I’ve seen a few jobs advertised that are looking for .Net.
I’m currently looking into the computing masters at Aberystwyth and Bangor.

Thanks for the Help,

There are many opportunities all along the North Wales coast, but they are indeed focused in places like Parc Menai, M-SParc and OpTIC. There are clusters of companies often looking for .NET developers in these locations with a number of fairly big companies locally with stacks based on .NET. There are also many people working remotely based in very rural areas with clients often in the North West, London or internationally. Salaries are getting better in the area but they are still lagging behind the likes of Manchester and Liverpool

In terms of getting started one of the best ways to get to know people and meet prospective employers is to come along to the Meetups. We happen to have one of our largest this year on Monday evening (Dec 9th):

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Hi Carwyn,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I’m currently getting the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript on a Udemy course. I’ve noticed that quite a few job adverts are looking for people with .NET experience, so I’ll look into it after I’ve finished this course. I’m also looking into the Aberystwyth and Bangor Masters programs. Aberystwyth has a Computer Science Masters, which is aimed at those wanting to get into the industry. From what I’ve read of the Bangor Computer Science Masters is pitched at a more advanced level and required a Computer Science degree. I think it would have to be Aberystwyth but would mean a massive commute or accommodation costs as I’m moving to Porthmadog.

That would be a fantastic opportunity but I’m working until late tomorrow and it’s a two-hour drive from where I’ll be. I’m planning on coming along to the ‘Make your own 80’s video game’ on the 18th though.

Thanks for the help and advice,