LoRaWAN Gateways

So I thought I’d start compiling a list of available gateways.

Indoor Gateways

M2M-IOT GW-01 Gateway - $120.00

The Things Indoor Gateway - £75.00

RAK831 Pilot Gateway - £184.99

PyCom LoPy - £37

IMST iC880A-SPI - £90

Pi Supply IoT LoRa Gateway HAT - £129.98

  • uses the RAKWireless RAK833 concentrator

RAK831 Gateway Developer Kit with MAX-7Q GPS - £140.99

Dragino LG308 Pico Gateway - £186

Sandbox LoRaGo PORT $149.95



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Finally they are available! Limited Stock of TTN internal LoRaWAN Gateways, great value. Get 'em while there hot. #yoiot https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/radio-frequency-development-kits/1843981/