Organisations Needing PPE

If you need PPE please say so here and email, they are keeping a list of names, contact details and numbers requested.

As not all organisations require the same level of vetting of their PPE it’s worth knowing who else out there might be able to use equipment. This thread is for those needing equipment or pointers to organisations we know might need them.

We’ve had a few different organisations get in touch asking about PPE equipment such as care homes.

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amazing , sorry carwyn i missed it!! can we forward that to the relevant parties who need would like to apply or is that for us to correlate the people we get contacting us?

Hello. My wife is a GP in the Llanberis Surgery. They as part of Arfon GP’s need PPE’s including visors. Many thanks, Ian.

In lieu of anything better that is visible and usable enough for people to use to communicate with, please do point people here. I’m hoping this Discourse instance is working for everyone, do feed back if there’s more you think we can do to help facilitate this. I’m mainly trying to keep out of the way of all the excellent work people are doing.

There’s a general request out from Welsh Government for PPE now.

Prod @pryderi @andygoodman

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Please -anyone who needs Face Visors email , Emily is keeping a list of names, contact details and numbers requested.


Tŷ Gobaith in Conwy and Oswestry need PPE: