Other Laser Cut Designs (Not Approved .. Yet)

Any laser cut approved designs??

Update by @carwyn:

The Kitronik (aka Smoke and Mirrors) laser cut design has been approved by BCUHB. See this post for more details:

Not yet although DoES Liverpool do have one of their laser cut designs under review.

This doesn’t mean they won’t be accepted by other organisations though each design is approved per consuming organisation at the moment in lieu of any central approval or certification.

Ok am planning to start Monday on this design.
Would appreciate information on final distribution if you are co ordinating.

Just discovered this design https://www.facebook.com/groups/opensourcecovid19medicalsupplies/permalink/690514081758987/

DoES Liverpool have got approval for this laser cut design:

We would need to seek similar approval for this or any other laser cut designs on a per receiving organisation basis unfortunately.

We have at least two high power large laser cutters locally at least that I am aware of: UW designs have the 8’x4’ from aquaroots; pontio innovation has a 4’x3’ (approx). Ours will cut through about 1’ thick acrylic.

@andygoodman That laser cut visor looks excellent. That, with a shorter version of the adapted visor on MakerNexusWiki (ie the one that covers the top of the forehead as in the google drive folder) would be even better.
The only issue would be the elastic which is more of an issue if washing & reusing. The printed designs can use use plastic Vene-k disposable tourniquets which we have by the thousands.
The production speed of this laser cut shield would be a game changer for volume production & I think if the health board wants to analyse anything in detail, this would be easier for them to approve due to the standardisation of the material etc

Nottingham Hackspace have been working with Kitronik and Smoke and Mirrors on a laser cut design which I think has been approved?


Been cutting polypropylene!smoke and mirror site design. 20200406_160555|690x310
Running out of material. Any source you are aware of as finding it difficult to source.

Portsmouth Uni have a design too:

Great just out ofPTEG now. Funding for more material being sourced. Just made version from smoke and mirrors site, is it approved by nhs???

Spoke to kirsty Awyr las. Not had confirmation

The Kitronik (aka Smoke and Mirrors) laser cut design has been approved by BCUHB. See this post for more details:

Will rename this post to cover discussion of other non approved laser cut designs which might be worth putting forward for evaluation in the future.

Brilliant, am awaiting more material

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Just seen this design, really clever but only really effective if you wear glasses :sweat_smile: