Other Visor Designs (Not Approved .. Yet)

50mins a mask… hmm… I’m wondering from looking at those designs that it might be possible to make them from a relatively crude/simple 2-part injection mould. Probably better chance with the Verkstan (it looks like there’s less volume of material to it). the benefit of course is injection mould = maybe 2 masks a minute.
Important moulding parameters for quick-simple-‘cheap’ are a) a 2.5D profile b) overall area/footprint being within machine limits, c) low material volume. To achieve simple small-batch mouldability the 3D model designs would likley need to be tweaked, and things like the spigots that the visor itself hangs off would end up straight-sided not round, etc.
I’d trust a company called Axis Precision in Llandegai estate who could probably CNC mould inserts, and a company in Holyhead AMP (Anglesey Mold and Press) might be able to do the injection moulding, and might have mould chassis available for which new inserts could be made. Gethin at AMP would be the guy to ask and advise on feasibility of all this.
If investigating this is of interest I am happy to speak to Gethin and see what he says, or pass on the contact, etc

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@Dyf https://github.com/seemecnc/Open-Source-Medical has cnc designs for mass manufacture:
a mask every 10s

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Yes @mountainpenguin , PLA will absorb moisture so it’s less reusable.
The Prusa design is better but needs the flex of PETG. So if you’ve just got PLA, use the Verkstan design, they’re quick to make too.

This is the link dude

It doesn’t nessessarily need to be approved… I’ll be making these or modifying the design for my own distribution… They work with a4 100/240 micron transparent film which I have loads of… I know shopkeepers vets and other people also considered front line at the moment who would benefit :metal::sunglasses::metal:

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@swiftarf what are your thoughts on this design?
Very low-profile and fast to print.

Looks good to me. There are so many good designs out there- the Prusa’s advantage is the seeming wide acceptance and the COVID-19_Volunteers_UK have settled on that. I believe they’re working on PPE approval for that design so hopefully that will increase our chances of being official!
This is from the COVID-19-Volunteers:

Q10: Hey you guys! Mask X/Y/Z is Faster/Better/Etc. Why are we still doing Prusa RC2/3? A: You are probably right, but we had to make a decision on a design to adopt several days ago so we could order enough of the faceplates to make a real difference. At that time the Prusa had the best validation and new versions being made fit the same front plate.We made a choice and ordered 80k of them to fit.If you have a Prusa compatible design, that prints faster and has genuine validation in the NHS for safety, Let us know so we can work out if it’s time to pivot.

I’ve seen some flat packed laser cut ones today from Richard at 3R design and they’re produced in 3 mins- no 3D printer can match that sort of speed! I reckon that type of visor has even more advantages in terms of keeping up with demand.

For info, we’ve over 150 visors at M-SPARC now!

Also, ABS can cause skin irritation, so please avoid if poss.

I’m just thinking whether you want to add the Aegis design to our de facto approved list for people on PLA?
Quite good as it requires minimal cutting on the face-shield too.

It’s not us that has an approved list, it’s the health boards. The one that’s most likely to pass at the moment is the Prusa in PETG.

PETG - Can be cleaned, multiple use likely a possibility.
PLA - Probably single use only.

Good news!

@pryderi Could/should we also submit this design for approval?

Is this now an accepted design? Seems more elegant than the Swedish visor…

No, this is just one that I’m proposing. The preferred design is our modified Prusa RC3 design in PETG.
Or if you only have PLA, the 3D Verkstan design. Although approval is still being sought.

Thanks! There’s a dxf there!

There’s a separate post here specifically looking at laser cut designs, these are interesting as they would be much faster to produce. As noted in other posts above though, cast or molded would be better still.

@swiftarf could we put this design for approval please? I think it’s a significant improvement over the Verkstan

Hi Joe, sorry not to have replied earlier- we’ve been quite busy :crazy_face:

One of the main reasons that we’re sticking to two designs is that sorting out the visor part is a massive logistical headache! I’ve no doubt that there are better designs out there but we’ve got the visors for the Verkstans & Prusas more or less sorted now. Even so, people have printed both Verks & Prusas with different hole spacing (and there are errors on the Verkstan website- compare the pin spacing on the Europe ISO 888 & 838 frames then look at the visor templates) so keeping it simple is a major consideration.

Up until now we’ve had to cut, trim & hole the PVC for the Verkstans by hand- this is a boring, time-consuming manual job so when we managed to find a company who can cut PVC with a CNC flatbed cutter we were massively relieved. However the company is in Yorkshire so by the time we’ve shipped the 50kg PVC, verified the sample fits the frame or not, tweaked it etc, it’s a week before we get the visors.

The other issue is dealing with BCU who only want the Prusas & possibly the kiktronic. A brow being less than 10mm high is an issue!

Ah fair enough.
I’ve got a standard 4 hole punch for doing the Verkstan visors.

at HWB Wrecsam we have been pushing ar the VARK 80mm as it can be fitted with a 2 hole punch flipping the visor over clipping from both sides.

on the 10pm-7am tonight we will be swithing 12 of over to the RC3 inline with a direct request this morning from BC. the other 4 machines will stay on the vark due to a direct request for them.

the vark print ranges from 34mins - 70 depenting on the machine
and we print 1, 6 or 9 stack so machines can print through the night.

in some trials we got an RC3 replica with built in brim down to 53min from 168min. so we hope to pull teh RC down as fast.

HWB Wrecsam started Friday 27th with one machine, each machine prints 20 AV /day. we are not pushing the printers to max, as this is an endurance.

with kind donation and finding old and broken printers we have grown the hive.
it cost (atm) £700/week in filament and staffed 24/7 by volunteers.
we have been assisting single printers solve there setups too.
if any one wants there printer run 24/7 by this team please let me know.

sorry we have not been linked up with this net work till today,

in closing as we hear, please start printing RC3, and if you have any advise we are open to get more out.

we are looking at buying 10 more printers// anyone got a tip?
atm we are thinking keep it cheap like the Anet 6 (which is basically an Omni and Enda) we have omni A8 runs well.


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