Project Proposal: Delerious Paramedics

Kate is a paramedic. She works shifts , she stops at the spar for something to eat , walks out and leaves £20 on the counter , she is hungry thirsty and needs somewhere to urinate to flush out her brain toxins. The canteen in alltwen does not take cards and is cash only. What century is this NHS in .

Please accept my apologies for being politically incorrect.
From page 4 we see that dysfunctional voiding is a risk factor for UTI in women

From this we see

that 47% reported that the clinical course of a neuropsychiatric disorder may be precipitated or exacerbated by a UTI

Is there some observation of the situation this person finds themselves in that could be re-framed as a project? Perhaps a grab-and-go payment system that allows the rushed paramedic to get what they need without having to go to the counter?

This one needs a bit more work to really be a project at the moment.

Kate , Paul and Freddy are paramedics that work the set day pattern only since they have been genetically tested and found not to be suitable for shift work on Earth. The running joke when they get their genetic results is that they are only suitable for mars he he . The paramedics , travel two in the ambulance and one in the ambulance trailer. They are despatched to 2 non urgent calls they are able to pick up 2 patients . 2 miles from A and E priorities change . The trailer is rapidly detached at the trailer bay. Patient A doesn’t mind because she is just as happy to wait in a trailer bay 2 miles from a and e and she is outside the hospital.