Project Proposal: Sheep Safety

This very long Twitter thread has gathered a lot of interest as a potential project for #yoiot to look at.

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Before moving on to the solutions to the LLangernyw dog atack problem lets explore the market.
Page 8

449 recorded cases of livestock worrying from 01/09/2013 to 31/08/2017 • Recorded number of livestock killed in data period 648• Recorded number of livestock injured in data period 376• 52 recorded incidents which resulted in the offending dog being shot• In 89% of recorded cases of livestock worrying, the dog owner was not present • 5% of recorded cases were committed by repeat offending owner/
North wales police teritory area 6,290 km²
So in a four year period deaths per anumn is 162 valued at say £50 per head so aporx £8000 per year.
lets try and put these dog attacks into context.
from page 6

200,000 people are attacked by dogs in England every year so estimated that
675,700/55620000x200000=2429 people are atacked by dogs in north wales per anumn.
Now lets look into sheep mortality figures.

12% for lambs
5-8% ewes

5000000 lambs 5000000 ewes
Area of Wales 20,735 km²
6,290/20735 x 5000000 x 0.12= 182011 dead lambs
6,290/20735 x 5000000 x 0.065= 98589 dead ewes
162 /(182011 + 98589) x 100 = 0.06% 0r 1 in 1732 deaths caused by dogs

dna database linked to dog id chips could also be used to tackle dog poo problem

the system deployed could also tackle foxes crows and rustlers

Finding signatures

Vibration sensors on fences? If dogs run sheep into fences.

Circadian rhythms

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Can a sensor that detects and quantifies ß hydroxybutyrate (BHB) a ketone body be developed?

Here are some recent press articles in relation to sheep rustling in the UK:

Fleecing the farmers: The true cost of stealing sheep - BBC News, Jan 2016
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