Project Proposal: Three Peaks IoT PyMesh

Based on the Twitter thread linked below we now have a challenge and some support for creating a Pymesh (based on Lora) that covers the three peaks. This is a thread based on how to make it happen!

Should the event be:

  • A competition, Points per team and a an overall winner
  • A technical challenge, Because its their no points no winners pure challenge

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In a competition points could be allocated based on number of packets, How long gateways run for etc.

I think it will be helpful to broadly define a set of objectives.

We can award “beer or cake” points for every successful thing or unit of measure that forms part of the objectives i.e. number of max connected devices (d) / by link kilometres (k) / total combined link heights (h) * max number of bearer or connection methods (b) / power consumed (w) = metric 1.

I don’t think it need be restricted to Pycom devices but equally I think the weird an exotic will need to be herded in to a manageable thing?

We have some interest from the Marconi lab in Trieste btw :wink:


I’m in Swindon for the next few months on a contract, but I’m still interested in forming a “South Wales Contingent” for this, and I believe that Rich Wenner at TTN Cardiff is interested as well.

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