PRUSA RC3 Tips and Tricks on Build

Apologies if there is a thread like this already. please feel free to move it or direct me.

over night we switched most of our printers over to RC3 (maintaining 4 still making 90/day Varks, till we fill a set request)

most printers are on standard 0.4 nozzles.
all are very stable on an 120min print (which is to long)
we pushed on slice down to 68 mins but could not get the flow.

plan is to test 0.6 to 1mm nozzle
we don’t thin we have the heat capacity to run 1mm.

we spent most of the day shift (yes worked a double) in sprint and clean of heads the build up over the week has been interesting.

any good recipes or ideas please shout. (yes i know there are a load on on the web. and we have a two guys working on research for that).


Following. Any tips/tricks to speed RC3 build welcome! working with Prusa, Anycubic & an Ender.

There are many hints and tips in this monster thread:

… but we could do with a shorter cleaner more up to date discussion on this so this works :slight_smile:

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