Radio or Wireless?

Hi All,

Within a forum I am involved in, there has been discussion about my hobby amateur radio and I thought that perhaps you folks might have an opinion.

The discussion suggested that the term Radio is now seen as old fashioned, whereas the term Wireless is considered modern. So folks as a group of tech minded folk, which of these terms sounds more modern and up to date?


I look forward to reading your thoughts.


I am definitely no expert but what seems like a very modern approach is SDR, software defined radio, so I don’t think the term’s dying yet!
Personally, I use the word radio when talking about anything up to 1GHz, like 433MHz, and wireless for stuff more like bluetooth and maybe wifi.

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Interesting but of course the radio spectrum goes much higher than 1 gig.

The discussion I was involved with suggested that when I was young the term ‘wireless’ was seen as old fashioned and ‘radio’ was the modern term. However ask most teenagers now about ‘radio’ and they would see that as old fashioned and not for them. However they see ‘wireless’ as modern, particularly with the advent of wireless internet, wireless devices for mobile phones etc…

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I think of wireless as something that works without wires, and radio is a means to achieve it, as are other things like infrared