Repair Cafes and Maintenance

A topic for those interested in Repair and Maintenance. You might like this upcoming event:

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Hi all,

This is an existing event over in Boothstown (Manchester way) that inspired the idea of approaching a small scale tech repair group:

I’ve started putting feelers out for people who would be interested in attending and making repairs and during these discussions also received the recommendation that we check into some ‘safety’ aspects before launching this, such as would we need some kind of insurance to be in place to be able to do this - I’m going to speak to who I got this leaflet from and see if I can get some details on how their setup works.


See: and

That first link is a good one - effectively our Repair Cafe could be ‘part’ of Repair Cafe Wales in order to not have to pay full whack for the Product Insurance as they offer the option of splitting the cost of their group policy.

Not just that - they only seem to be in South Wales so far?

I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting yesterday. I’m interested in getting involved in repairs.
At present, I refurbish donations (which seldom work properly) for a charity shop in Welshpool, to keep them from land-fill. The shop is due to close this year as the building is being sold. A venue in Wrexham would, therefore, be very convenient.

I’ve signed up for the Festival of Maintenance in September … any excuse to revisit my hometown.
I’ll be taking the Wrexham Central train to Liverpool via Bidston.
It’s a pretty boring journey, so if anyone else is going via the same route, it would be good to chat.