Sourcing Materials and Equipment

Discuss which materials to use and where to source them here. Also a place to comment on availability of equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters etc. Basically, what can you contribute to the cause?

Just to let you know M-SParc have been most excellent and set up a crowdfunding page to raise funds for materials for this:

They have also contributed over £1,000 to the cause themselves already! - Diolch @pryderi


Here is a source of clear plastic 250 microns.

I think there might be one in Pontio @ehler?

Its PVC so not laserable, but -

Would be possible to laser cut acrylic marking templates. Gullotine rough cut blanks and sharpie mark them.
I’m sure plenty of volunteers to cut with scissors and hole punches. What do you think @swiftarf?

That’s promising @Wyn. @pryderi seems to have sourced some laser compatible plastic so perhaps best to liaise with him. The chap who is looking at vac forming also has loads of plastic- I think it was PVC

Some PETG on amazon that still gets delivered within a week and resonable price: -

2.3KG spool (I’ve ordered one, red is £46.31)

and 1kg spool (I’e ordered two, the white is £16.89)

@Wyn I don’t think we have any of that left.

With security under a lot of strain and Uni lone worker stuff, it’s hard to get access to the workshops. I’m arranging to pull the Ultimakers out of Pontio and into an empty room with easier access. Not sure if that will happen today or tomorrow.

If we had a template ready to go today or tomorrow I could run off a few marking templates and grab the guillotine as well.

I don’t think we have a three hole punch.

RS still has a few rolls:

The laser files are in @swiftarf Gdrive folder @ehler.

this any good guys? might have someone who can get a few rolls of this ?

If thats not preferable does anyone have a link to what is?

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@Reen from what i can find on Google, polyester is ok to cut with a CO2 laser but the sheet you link to looks a bit thin @ 250um. We’ve got a roll of 400um sheet now which is ok but I wonder whether 250um would be too flexible. Can you get a sample easily?

ok, well ive got the direct action guys willing to throw a couple of quid on clear film, if some one on that can link me to a preference of what we want then i can forward that

or would the money be better spent on a load of petg or something else??

We’ve been trying to source PETG but everyone UK wide is running/has run out of 500um. We’ve managed to get some 1mm PETG which is apparently just about flexible enough. It’s being delivered on Thursday.

If they can get some polyester 400um or thicker it might be worth a try. What does @Wyn think?

ok cool, anything else we need or should i just get them to blast it on petg printer filament and we can get it distributed accordingly?
Ive just spoke to them and theyre happy to order some stuff tomorrow for us.

I think it’d be wise to try to get a sample first if poss. The stuff we got today wasn’t suitable for lasering- I won’t say how we found that out… The time taken to get the sheets is slightly less important now as we have something to use until we get the PETG and then we can make 400 visors from the PETG.

Quick one everyone. Is the added glycol important?

I can print comfortably at 200degrees or 210 but my machine is not ideal for 230 and 240 degree prints that PETg often needs. There is PET from Basicfil a good filament brand.

If PET -g is usable aka PET the this should reduce print temperature and thus enable me yo place some orders and help.

If someome can let me know.

  1. are we going for a few PLA ones for wider use.
  2. saving PETg for medical professionals
  3. will we take PET as this is give or take very similar to PLA in performance.


Scratch that i miss read the packaging information. Not sure i can garentee good prints at 230 degrees. Seems i can only offer PLA prints.

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@Reen - why don’t you try and source clear PETG sheets 1mm from where we found them?! He mentioned he may have some more! Name is Steve, 01268574470 . Worth a shot. We paid a lot of money for the sheets tonight, prices have gone through the roof. Required and ideal dims are 344mm x 265mm . HUGE thanks.

Anyone near llanrwst need a roll of pla to do some of the Swedish frames, theres a lad there has one up for grabs if anyone is in need, let me know and ill get you his details

hey guys, i just got a email from another team of makers,

it has this in it
"Many of you have got printed frames but no visors. We have had some companies come forward and offer to provide visors free or at cost and we are getting stock together fast. As a result we now have visors available to order in batches of 40. If you are ready to ship and just need visors then please order yours here:"

might be worth perusing

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This is great THANK. Just sent them a request for 400!? Never know!