Sourcing Materials and Equipment

What’s the verdict on 150 micron PVC binding sheets - too thin/flexible?

Do you have printers that could be running for the effort?

Don’t have my micrometer to test the thickness. But I’ve tested some spiral binders covers that I imagine are a similar thickness and they work a treat

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Managed to get some from eBay on NDD. Cool. Regarding the visors… I have an 8’x4’ cnc router with 1mm end mill. I could look at cutting out the visors on that.Any ideas how the material is supplied please? Anyone got any samples they can get across to me to trial? It’s a bit Heath Robinson but it’s accurate.

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Oh is that one of the hanging designs?

@Wyn would probably be the one to talk to

Hi. Yes. If it can be of any use then just let me know.

Hey guys, I been in contact with a lady called Julie Starling who is part on the cardiology unit in Glan Clwyd amongst other things. She said she’d like to help in a few ways. funding, distribution and generally getting the word out for more 3d printerers to join us.

whos the best person for her to speak to about the overall opperation? @pryderi?

Thanks Reen - yes please ask her to email me. Others from Glan Clwyd have been in touch and it should be coordinated via Betsi ultimatley. my email is pryderi@m-sparcDOTcom

Free PETG!

Having spent (wasted) the last 24hrs trying to dial my printer in for printing PETG I’m having to throw in the towel.
I’ll get on with making with PLA.
I do however have most of a roll of PETG that’s going to waste, is there anyone on Anglesey who could put this to good use?

1.75mm PETG Black

Oh dear, what printer are you using? What was up with the PETG prints?

Bed adhesion caused combination by buildup on the tip of the hotend and no enclosure in an old draughty house. There’s parts that needed upgrading for a while now.
I’d rather find someone who has a dialled in rig than waste more on setup.

Hi, I have an AM8 DIY printer which i have printed PETG on in the past, following the update I will try switching to the Prusa visor model, but currently, I’m low on funds having bought 3 rolls of PLA. Is there still some PETG Filament available at the drop-off? planning on dropping off the my final batch off 3DVerkstan visors tomorrow after cleaning.

Hey everyone, don’t know if this has been answered in a different thread but is there any PET-G available at M-Sparc? I’m running low.

The country is running low! We have 60kg on order and have been waiting since the 11th of April!

202641251 order raised 11.04.20
202641320 order raised 11.04.20
202641326 order raised 11.04.20
202662632 order raised 17.04.20
202665791 order raised 18.04.20
202665803 order raised 18.04.20

Shall post asap we receive it.

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Hi Pryderi
Have you had any luck getting hold of PET-G i have some PLA left but completely out of PET-G and cant seem to find any online in the usual places if anyone could point me in the right direction so that I can order.

I’m embarrassed to report that over two weeks and still no delivery from Prusa. 60KG on order from them and an order on amazon as well. I’m so sorry about this but I think it’s the case across the UK.

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Prices are inflated but amazon has some

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I’ve been getting mine from amazon, £36.99.

What is demand for the visors like at the moment? Are things slowing down yet?

Apparently the care homes haven’t hit the peak yet, but by the sounds of it the powers that be don’t really care about thoae numbers