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Updated to reflect handover of logistics to Awyr Lâs - BCUHB’s charity arm.

The visor designs Awyr Lâs/BCUHB can currently accept for redistribution are:

  • The 3D Printed Prusa RC3 in PETG (preferred) or PLA (if no PETG is available).
  • The Laser cut Kitronik (aka Smoke and Mirrors/Nottingham Hackspace) in Polyurethane.

At the moment the 3D Printed 3DVerkstan which was previously being accepted by M-SParc is not approved by BCUHB. Approval is being sought though for a 10mm modified version to comply with EN166. If you have any thinner than 10mm 3DVerkstan left M-SParc are still accepting these at the moment.

Files for the approved designs are available here:

It is very important that the Awyr Las/BCUHB Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are followed closely both when producing the prints and when fully assembling the visors. Please read this document carefully before you start:

You will also need to register an offer of support during Covid-19 with Awyr Lâs:

Further and more detailed information about the approved visor designs is available here:


Kitronik (aka Smoke and Mirrors)

There are a number of other forum topics that contain more detail on hints on production:

Sourcing materials and equipment:

Delivery, collection and preparation of the prints:

For reference the information about the previously accepted 3DVertkstan:


Thanks for incorporating my SOP into yours (ever so slightly flattering) and we are probably going to do the same to you now on some sections. However I note that you’ve missed out the advice to avoid using filaments with exotics in them i.e. wood, metal, glow in the dark etc. As some of these may not respond overly well to the disinfection methods, iron infused being washed, or potentially be just downright dangerous if they are dipped in certain liquids please could I request you take another look at this. Whilst I don’t think you’re like to receive any crack cocaine or cannabis infused units (and these substances have been used to 3D print) and someone smelling a coffee or cedar wood variant will make their colleagues jealous I’d prefer the autoclaves stayed working without releasing some noxious gas.
Keep up the good work and again thank you.
Andrew (NWP Admin)


This is awesome, thank you so much for putting the effort into bringing this together. Brilliant to be able to get the best of both and also get more PPE to end users.

I’m planning to make customized full face cover shields with protective helmet, Getting PPE front glass separately from modell store and hetlmet from amazon. Can anybody help me if the materials are fine or should I get another one.
P.S: I’m living in Toronto so I prefer local supplier.

Front Glass: Safety face shields
Helmet: Universal Hard Hat Slot