Visor Production (Only Approved Designs Can Be Used!)

This thread is for discussing Visor production.

If you are just getting started please follow the instructions over in this topic:

Hi, sorry to have only just logged in.

I’m Dr Simon Burnell, a consultant anaesthetist and one of those in the firing line for dealing with the very sick end of covid. I’ve been looking at the designs and getting as many opinions as possible in a short time. Essentially the RC3 is preferred by most clinicians, but pragmatically we will have to reuse them due to the low numbers likely to be produced in the near future.
The 3DVerkstan design is suitable and prints in about half the time of a modified version of the Prusa.

As PLA is apparently not good with water can I suggest that those with PETG produce the modified Prusa and those with PLA produce the 3DVerkstan? The elastic for the Prusas is sorted (we have disposable tourniquets which work well) but we need to finalise the clear foils. I’ll upload the files to the google drive linked below.

The files for 3D printing are here:

Thanks everyone for helping.

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Awesome. Will do a mix. Is there anything against the RC1 prusa? I have a extra 15cmx15cm printer that is bit to small for the RC3, and if its ok could get that doing RC1 or door openers etc.

I have some petg in stock and 4 more reels on way.


@swiftarf I have a CR-10S I’m happy to dedicated to the cause. But I only have PLA filament.

I’ll do some test prints in PLA and order some PETG.

The clearance between the foil and ones face is tight on the RC1- I think that’s the only difference. In that case, the 3DVerkstan would be better than the RC1 due to its faster print.

BTW I’ve just done a PETG print of the Prusa and it’s nicer than my PLA prototype

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I’ve just thrown on a PETG Mod prusa on. Been trying to dial in nozzle size. 0.8 and 1mm were a mess. 0.6mm seems to be doing nicely at moment, and reckons 50 mins.

@swiftarf are these the correct sources for the designs?



The 3D Verkstan is ie the Visor Frame Europe 80mm 4hole V1

The prusa is a remix modified one which prints more quickly because it isn’t as high.

There’s a google drive folder with the files including a modified Prusa that prints 2 at a time

Ah, I had a look but wasn’t sure which one was which, I’m going through those and the original files now.

Is there a shortened version of the RC3?
They’ve removed the hexagons from the design to reduce print time.

Also, @swiftarf do you have any spare spools of PETG? I can’t get one from Amazon until monday.

I was having bad stringing problems with the RC3 Mod with the hex holes. I trimmed down a current RC3 (without holes) to 15mm
File is here
Let me know if this is useful?

Thanks, that’s great. I’ve uploaded a nested version to print 2 at once.

Also, my first print it the Verkstan design :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, I have rolls of pla, do I just print as many of the swedish headband as I can and drop them off at Glan Clwyd?

I’ve done a couple of the Swedish design on pla and they work well. You can overlap them too to easily print 2 a time.

I’ve just seen @swiftarf and he’s going to arrange getting the prints next week. (don’t worry we kept a safe distance apart)

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I’ve ordered some PETG, just awaiting my delivery and I too can get started.
Only the Prusa model fits on my bed (awkward bed size :P) I’ll do a test print with what material I have first just to see if I have any issues.

The modified Prusa RC3 design in PETG

Quick reminder and request that we all stick where possible to the two designs.

This will assist with making a standard foil to fit them and minimise the foil design that will need to be laser cut.

Delivery- details and coordination is to follow.

Cleaned a workshop area and got two new printers setup and running. Just waiting on my PETG delivery to get em both on the prusa RC3. I know foils haven’t been confirmed yet, but just in case have got various options that follow the various designs. Hopefully have another couple of printers here and running later in week .