Visor Production (Only Approved Designs Can Be Used!)

Yes, Prustan is the 10mm verk. Thanks!

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Is the large batch of PETG due any time soon at M-SPARC. I have 4kg on the way from Prusa but, otherwise, I am completely out.

@davepsycho I have one I could spare. Where abouts are you based?

Also, does anyone need any 2.85mm PETG that I was shipped in error?

Thanks - I’m in Llangristiolus (3miles Llangefni) - very locked down as age 76
Could pick up if distancing maintained (have Isopropanol to spray the world !!!)

Or I could pick up from M-SPARC if you left it there in a bag with my name on (Dave Wilkinson)

I’m just in Menai Bridge. I can leave it on my doorstep?

Hi, I’m new.

I registered on the Awyr Las website and had an email today advising of new drop-off locations and a SOP attached - so should I just get printing?

Is it just a case of printing the Prusa headbands, disinfecting, bagging up, labelling and dropping off?

Is there a PLA stack file that has the 4 pins in the centre (not on the bottom) but without the bits sticking out on layers 2 and 3 on the right of centre, pin stack it, its not on the PETG version.


To Mearman - I could pick up from your doorstep. In case you do not wantto distribute it send me your address (with postcode) and maybe mobile number so we can arrange a time:

Pretty much. Have you got the 15mm simplified RC3 variant?

This one?

Yup. That’s the one

hi guys… hows the printing going? i need to keep ontop of this forum- i havent logged in in ages!

I just need a quick bit of advice… Am i still ok to drop off my prusa headbands at Msparc or do i need to register somewhere first? Ive recently spoken to dafydd and Joe Mearman and both have different ideas on the procedure so i though it best to check on here… i have 250 prusa designs in Petg (all have been sealed in bin bags for between 3 and 10 days)

i just need to make some room now



I’m still dropping them off at M-Sparc.
But I did fill out the form here so Awyr Las have me registered.

Right ok… ive filled in the form and now i await a message from a member of the team at Awyr Las. Im guessing i have to wait for this confirmation before i can drop off these 250?

Cheers for the heads up on that anyway dude. I didnt bother waiting for a reply from awyr las… I finally made it to Msparc with the 250 units i had… its so nice to clear some space :stuck_out_tongue: was nice to see the drop off location full of stuff… keep up the good work everyone :slight_smile:

I only have PLA but my local doctor’s surgery would like to acquire some re-usable PRUSA visors so would like to know where and how they can order some. I have looked everywhere for this information and yet I have read somewhere that if I was to delivery some for them I would need a corresponding Order No. Please advise so I can pass the information on.

Hi Everyone,
everyone printing should be proud tonight as we’ve now packed 6300 of your visors! Incredible effort and that’s only the ones that have come into M-SParc for cleaning and processing etc.
Pretty sure the movement will hit 7500 next week, not bad in just over a month!

I know that BCUHB will be issuing a big thank you soon but for what it’s worth here’s mine!

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I’m still slowly churning out headbands and I’ve got enough to warrant a drop off.
Has anyone started mass producing them yet (injection moulding/resin casting) or do I need to keep on printing?

I am getting low on PLA, and although I have some PETG I haven’t really used it before so it might take me a while to get up to speed with it.

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