What Other Visor Groups are Doing

Links information from other groups that are working on visors.

3DCrowd UK are the national group working to produce PPE visors. They have regional groups around the UK (including ones for Wales and the North West) that are coordinating production, ordering and logistics. We are liaising with them on a regular basis.

Website: https://www.3dcrowd.uk/
Slack: https://covid-19volunteersuk.slack.com (requires invite, DM me).

They have also crowdsourced funds to the tune of around £40,000:

They have featured on the BBC and have orders for over 110,000 masks!

The Prusa blog post details what they have been up to:

As @Dafydd notes their design is continually evolving: https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/27267

Keep an eye on the main Visor Designs (Only Approved Designs Can Be Used!) thread for designs approved by BCUHB.

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An article covering where the group over in the North West are up to:

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DoES Liverpool have been busy as part of the North West effort:

They have a lot more information over on their GitHub repo:

Adrian over at DoES Liverpool has come up with an entirely laser cut design that takes 1min 18sec to cut.

DoES also launched their crowdfunding looking for £20,000

The Royal Mint have yet another foam + film design:

Another group making visors with yet another design:


Another group coordinated out from Chester but with small producers nationwide are

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Over in the US they have a number of designs that have been approved by the FDA:


This one has been passed by the NIH:

And the National 3D Printing Society in the UK are busy too:


Apple have released details of their face shield: