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Hello all,

Just enjoyed the talks hosted last night and thought I should set up a topic for folks in Wrexham to use to meet, find projects etc.

Feel free to say hi or drop by and we will see what happens!

Pascal Jones

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Hi Pascal,

I also really enjoyed last night talks. We may have had a chat there but I’m not so sure.
Let me know if you had any initial idea we could talk about.


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Hello Julien,

I am still thinking about specifics, but an idea which Kate had was to try and see about setting up a small scale tech repair group, as it would start to grow interest and could be quite a fun activity to do every once in a while.

A lot of my interest focuses on doing bits with Node.js and the raspberry pi, along with communications bits so if you have any ideas that might fit I’d be happy to discuss them further. Do you have any specific areas which you enjoy?

Kind regards,

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I don’t have a particular area of expertise but I’m interested in learning more about data visualization and embedded programming if that can help.


I’ve split off the Repair and Maintenance thread here as I know there are others interested in this all across North Wales:


Thanks @carwyn for organising Tuesday’s session in Wrexham. Some really interesting things going on, and it was good to chat to a couple of attendees.

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If you’re looking for some inspiration, you could look through back issues of “Hackspace” magazine which some kind soul has uploaded to the Internet Archive:

By the way, “MagPi” back copies are also there:


Hello all,

Nice to see so much interest going! I thought of a few ideas with regards to visualisation and projects relating to it. How about some combination of visualisation and the machine learning stuff that was covered in the talks? Maybe a combination of either a graphical display, LEDs etc, which works to show off some inner workings in the tree, or how data is being processed, either numerically, qualitatively etc.

Kind regards,

Hey Pascal,

That sounds interesting. Were you thinking about a particular domain of application?

I found this page with good examples:

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It looks like the next meetup in Wrexham will be in September with another one before then in the North East in August.

There seemed to be some interest in a hands on workshop in the discussions at the last event. Would people be interested in a more beginner orientated workshop or something a bit more advanced on a particular topic?

Hi Carwyn,

In my case, I would be interested in more advanced topics and projects. I have some experience in programming so I would be happy to contribute to anything programming-related. Sorry if it’s a bit vague :slightly_smiling_face:

Would that include helping others that are just starting out? :slight_smile:

Sure, I can help you with that.

I always think that learning is easier when it’s focused and hands-on. I’m interested to learn more about Lara and Iot, so I’ve been thinking of practical projects. With your sheep-management project in mind, I wonder if putting a Lara network in place for older or disabled people living alone to pass simple messages, notably auto-generated ones in a suspected emergency. I’m involved with a couple of groups in Wrexham, WOFF and U3A who might well be interested in providing a guinea-pig base and I’m sure I can raise the funding to purchase some hardware for development and trials.

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